The buddy list.

The Buddy List, also known as the Friends List, is a list of all your buddies, which can be accessed by clicking the smiley face on the Toolbar at the bottom of the screen. The smiley button is the third from the left on the right side of the toolbar. You may have a minimum of zero to a maximum of 500 buddies.


The Buddy List, shows all your buddies in alphabetical order. Note that buddies only appear online if they are on the same server as you. If a penguin is online, regardless of the alphabetical order, they will be at the top of the buddy list. If two or more online buddies are on your server, they will then be sorted by alphabetical order.

Add/Remove Buddy

If you want to add a buddy, click on their player card and press the button with the yellow smiley face on it. When a gray-tinted smiley face appears by the newspaper and envelope icon (top left corner of screen), the person has accepted your request (or they sent YOU a request!). To remove a buddy, click on their player card and click the yellow smiley face, which now has a red X over it.


If a buddy is online on the same server as you, you can locate their position by clicking the "question mark" button on their player card.

Visit Igloo

You can visit your buddy's igloo, via clicking the "home" button on their player card. The advantage of this is that you can visit their igloo while they're offline too.

Users in Room

The Users in Room section is a feature on the buddy list. It shows a list of all the penguins in the room you are currently in, including mascots.

Ignore list

The Ignore List is the counterpart to the Buddy List. It can be accessed by clicking the "skull" button at the bottom of the page. Penguins who are ignored (via their player card) will appear on the list. You can wish to un-ignore them from here. Ignoring a player also means you will not be able to receive any messages or postcards from them.


  • When you click a mascot's player card you can not go to their igloo.
  • You cannot ignore a buddy.
    • Conversely, you cannot friend someone you have ignored. You also cannot send postcards, view their Stamp Book or report them to a moderator.
  • The buddy limit was increased from 200 to 500 on August 22, 2019.
  • Originally the buddy list had yellow happy face emotes next to buddies who were online, and in the Users in Room List, a laughing face emote for mascots who were currently in the room.
  • Despite the buddy list limit being 500, you can have more than 500 buddies without any bugs.
  • Since the buddy list update, there has been a reoccurring issue which causes the buddy list to appear blank. Fortunately, this is just a visual issue and your friends are not gone.


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