Lataus Lataus 6 hours ago

Party idea: Island Adventure Party 2017

As you may know, the July party hasn't been decided on yet, but I think an Island Adventure Party would be a really good idea. The Island Adventure Party is one of my favourite all-time CP parties, so it'd be a dream come true if that party came to CPR. If this party came, it would mean Rockhopper would make another appearence on the island. We'd probably use the Flare Flinger 3000 to summon him to the island.

Listen to this for the true nostalgic touch:

Look, I know most of you think the Water Party is better, but the files are too old to work on CPR and Joe doesn't have enough time to remake the whole party as it would take months. So yeah, it won't be happening unfortnuately.

Anyway, back to the …

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PerapinCP PerapinCP 18 hours ago

Classic editor now available!

Hi Penguins,

FANDOM has made the 2010 Editor available for all wiki editors here. It's an alternative editor that you can use to the current Source and Visual Editors. It's a tad faster (no loading bar) and is quite similar to the wikitext editor on Wikipedia! Here's how it looks:

To enable this editor, login to your FANDOM account, navigate to My Preferences > Editing, and select the "Source editor" as your preferred editor.

Happy editing!
- Perapin

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Daithí.cp Daithí.cp 6 days ago



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Legacy Hunter Legacy Hunter 15 days ago


Canari is a color in Club Penguin Rewritten. It costs 20 coins in the Penguin Style catalog.

Available from
Available until
Penguin Style
February 11, 2017
Still available

Arctic BlueArctic WhiteBlackBlueBrownDark GreenDark PurpleGreenLavenderLight BlueLime GreenOcean BlueOrangePeachPinkRedYellow |group2 = Unreleased Colors |list2 = Dark RedJet BlackMaroon |group3 = Bait Colors |list3 = Sensei Gray }}

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PerapinCP PerapinCP 18 days ago

How to dodge the 2017 Wikitext Editor

  1. Disable JavaScript in your browser. You will get a raw multiline textbox to edit pages instead.
  2. I don't really recommend this unless you're running into lag problems with the 2017 Wikitext Editor. This is because FANDOM wikis aren't fully functional without JavaScript. We will get the 2010 Editor eventually anyway.
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Daithí.cp Daithí.cp 20 August

List of things that have been broke, affected, or removed due to the recent Fandom update.

I have compiled a a list of all the features I could find that have been broke, affected, or removed due to the recent Fandom update. Enjoy.

  • WikiActivity has been removed indefinitely and has been re-replaced with Special:RecentChanges.
  • Community has been removed, along with the weekly edits leaderboard.
  • Polls have been removed.
  • Special:Insights has been removed.
  • Multi-Upload has been removed.
  • The "Placeholder" file that all new accounts began with on their user page, has broken.

  • The Club Penguin Rewritten RSS feed on the Main Page is broken.
  • Several galleries have become clunky and unappealing.
  • The thumbnails for the Popular Pages part of the wiki have broken.
  • Source Editor has lost its syntax highlighting and its Link/Template suggestions features.
  • Nav…

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Boredlemon Boredlemon 17 August

i want my username back.

I was wondering if I could get my username back somehow? now it shows up as the little p number thing. it wasn't inappropriate at all!

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CloudzzSG CloudzzSG 16 August

Deleted History content

Just placing them here because they were removed from the Club Penguin Rewritten page, and I feel like they need to be placed somewhere because after all it DID happen in CPRewritten's history.

According to former administrator Codey, the administrators wanted to add a "sled racing update" for the Game Upgrades catalog. Codey disagreed to releasing the update due to many other bugs that needed addressing.

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Leptospirose Leptospirose 15 August

Body items that include pants

Shorts count, skirts don't.

Last updated August 13, 2020.


Bard Outfit

Beat Dropper Outfit

Beige Explorer Outfit

Big Deal Hoodie

Black Vest Outfit

Black Whirlpool Snowsuit

Blue Away Soccer Jersey

Blue Baseball Uniform

Blue Basketball Jersey

Blue CP Hoodie Outfit

Blue Snowsuit

Blue Soccer Jersey

Blue Torero Suit

Blue Track & Field Uniform

Blue Tracksuit

Blue Zoot Suit

Brown Viking Costume

Butler Suit

Canoeing Outfit

Castaway's Clothing

Check My Moves Vest

Corsair Coat

Cotton Candy Cut-Offs

Cowboy Outfit

Creepy Count's Costume

Crow's Nest Vest

Delivery Outfit

Distinguished Suit

Duke's Outfit

First Mate's Outfit

Frankenpenguin Costume

Ghost Catcher Uniform

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Bobbynibblestix Bobbynibblestix 8 July

Rare Mullet Simulator

It's the rare mullet simulator! You have a 1% to catch it! Good luck!

You caught...

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XflameyX XflameyX 8 July

The Bongos from the Jam are still in the forest!

yea so just so yall know the bongos are still hidden and clickable in the forest from the Jam event. You guys may wanna hop on that! :3 thank you!!!

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Jesus Valdes Aran Jesus Valdes Aran 27 June

My Idea for Music Jam catalogs

It looks like the final version is going to be 99% different, although I hope you like it. Because unlike the one I made of the Earth Day, the Music Jam one will be very extensive

  • 1 Shirts Rock Catalog, obviously located in the Ski Village
    • 1.1 First Week
    • 1.2 Second Week
  • 2 Beach Catalog, located in the Beach
    • 2.1 Boy stuff
    • 2.2 Girl stuff
  • 3 Gallery of the new items

  • Rhythm & Purple Blues
  • Trombone
  • The Disco
  • Acid Guitar!
  • Rocker T-Shirt
  • Red Headphones (New item)
  • Blue High Tops
  • Classy T-Shirt
  • Blue Starglasses
  • Electro T-Shirt
  • The Flip
  • One Man Band
  • One Man Band Hat
  • An All-Access Pass, whether it's a return or new item

  • The Funkadelic
  • Western T-Shirt
  • Double Necked Guitar
  • The Punked Out
  • Black Electric Guitar
  • The Sweep
  • Blue Snare Drum
  • Leather Watch
  • Super Rocker Electric Bass
  • Caribbean T-Shir…

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CloudzzSG CloudzzSG 22 June

CPRewritten Events: May 2020

Heya all. I was just feeling bored so I thought I should come up with a blog post detailing the timeline of everything that happened in May 2020. It would feel pretty neat to document everything.

Note as of July 5, 2020: I'm not really sure what to add anymore, because all of these events took place quite a while ago. So, I'll just be leaving this blog post as it is for now. Waddle on to all! :)

All times are in PENGUIN Standard Time. Furthermore, not all exact timings are available and may not be accurate. Also, the days of some of the dates may be censored due to timezone differences.

April 30, 2020 @ around 10:30am
Penguins of the Week #152 Blueberry504 and #155 KagomeH are hired as Discord Moderators for the Club Penguin Rew…

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Daithí.cp Daithí.cp 19 June


Hey friends!

I recently made a quick little template that makes changing the colour of your text slightly less tedious than before! This could be useful on userpages.


Use it or don't, it's up to you; I only made this to learn!

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Daithí.cp Daithí.cp 19 June

Mascot Average Login Times

Hey friends! I have no life so I decided to collect the login times of all of Aunt Arctics mascot visits during the penguin play awards, and try use that data to find patterns!


Login Time
Logoff Time
Duration of stay
Login Location
12:27:21 PM
12:52:00 PM
25 Mins
Blizzard - Coffee Shop
12:06:14 AM
12:23:30 AM
17 Mins
Marshmallow - Stage
10:50:29 PM
11:40:45 PM
50 Mins
Marshmallow - Book Room
3:51:34 PM
4:43:28 PM
52 Mins
Marshmallow - Town
9:39:09 PM
10:34:19 PM
55 Minutes
Sleet - Coffee Shop
12:11:20 PM
1:15:18 PM
1 Hour and 4 Mins
Blizzard - Town
12:03:50 PM
12:37:31 PM
30 Mins
Blizzard …

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Daithí.cp Daithí.cp 19 June

How to Obtain Transparent, high quality images for the Wiki!

Hey friends! Today I have a tutorial for you on something that I think is crucial if you want to be a wiki editor, and that's obtaining SWF's, and rendering them into clear, high quality images!

So, what is an SWF? .SWF files are the file type that flash games are written in and stand for ShockWave flash. They're essentially a video format, but can be interacted with (like pressing buttons in-game). There's 2 key differences between .SWF files and .MP4 files (the most common video file type and the one that, say, Youtube videos would use).

The first difference is that .SWF files aren't made up of pixels. Unlike .MP4 files. which have a defined resolution (meaning the more you zoom in, the lower the quality becomes and the same for zooming out…

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Jesus Valdes Aran Jesus Valdes Aran 14 June

Music Jam 2020 Review

The Music Jam 2020. A party with music and summer combination. This party is not like those of 2017, 2018 and 2019. In this they wanted to give a new touch to the Music Jam and I will not deny them, it looks pretty cool. However, this party isn't perfect and some things we wanted didn't released and we will see it in this review. I'm not a professional doing reviews, it's just an opinion and that's it.

  • 1 Advantage
    • 1.1 New Theme
    • 1.2 Soundtrack
    • 1.3 The items it offers us
    • 1.4 Respect the essence from Music Jam
    • 1.5 Penguin Band and DJ Maxx are back
  • 2 Disadvantages
    • 2.1 No Shirts Rock Catalog
    • 2.2 Glitches (Although all were fixed)
    • 2.3 Lack of some content
  • 3 It isn't an advantage, nor a disadvantage
    • 3.1 The Music Jam 2020 Interface
  • 4 The Conclusion

They wanted to do the Mu…

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Bobbynibblestix Bobbynibblestix 8 June

woah potw

finally got my hands on the famous pointy green hat, ty community ily guys

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Penguinztestz Penguinztestz 31 May

Club Penguin Rewritten COVID-19

Watch this brand video about penguins and coronavirus! That's sounds cool? Let's see! 

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Ciullo1CPR Ciullo1CPR 29 May

Ciullo1 List of CPR Parties

I have no idea why I'm doing this except that I felt like it. Is it necessary? Not even in the slightest. But too bad it's happening anyway. This is my way of also getting out of having to do a tier list style thing. No, this is just gonna be a straight list and my thoughts and feelings about how parties occurred on CPR and how the community reacted to them. Even though this'll fly over most people's heads I'm gonna state this anyway, this is my opinion and if you disagree then either disagree kindly or don't do it at all. With that let's begin.

One thing to make note of is that I'm not gonna rank any parties I wasn't present for just to avoid controversy. I also wrote this from top to bottom so if you want to start from the worst then star…

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Lataus Lataus 27 May

Rooms I'd like to see in the Medieval Party 2017

I noticed someone else was doing this, but with Halloween Party, so I decided to do it myself as well with Medieval Party. These are a few rooms I'd like to see in the upcoming Medieval Party on Club Penguin Rewritten.

I decided to not include the party rooms because there's so many of them. Only difference was replacing the Iron Armor with the Golden Knight's Armor for Ye Knight's Quest 1.

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KaySkye2008 KaySkye2008 26 May

Club Penguin Social

friend me on Club Penguin rewritten @ksdenton08

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KaySkye2008 KaySkye2008 26 May

Club Penguin

As you all know, the original Club Penguin has shut down almost 3 weeks ago. There is a site called Club Penguin Rewritten, Disney has been figting the creators to shut down this site because of Copy Right stuff. Please show your support to Club Penguin Rewritten, at first I HATED Rewritten because I thought they were driving the original CP to shut down but they were not, CP was shutting down because they had their own problems. The reason I wan't Rewritten to have support is because we have no other way to play something similar to the real CP, it WAS a fantastic online game but its gone...Rewritten is not. And the original CP won't be back soon.

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Legacy Hunter Legacy Hunter 25 May

My Penguin Gallery

Here're all the interesting screenshots I could have ever taken!










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PerapinCP PerapinCP 25 May

Christmas Party 2019 ideas!

Hi Penguins,

I've seen a lot of you passionate about the Christmas Party 2019 already. It really is never too early to plan for Christmas! I thought I would share my ideas on what would make this party amazing this year. If you have your own ideas or suggestions, feel free to comment below!

Last updated: 03:26, December 16, 2019 (UTC)

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ItzNosmicHere ItzNosmicHere 25 May

Will you make a mobile app?

Hey, i was bored playing on pc. I always wish there is an mobile app for Android/iOS users. Will you make a mobile app?

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Jesus Valdes Aran Jesus Valdes Aran 19 May

Is Music Jam postponed? (My review)

We all got the bad news that the Music Jam 2020, was postponed until further notice. I agree 50% that they did, and I 50% disagree. You will see why.

  • Because to recent events, which I will not mention to avoid that the administrators deleting me the blog. But some of you may already know what I mean.
  • It's a big event, and does you hurt or not, I find it totally reasonable that they do that, because it won't be a small event like the Earth Day Party 2020 or Festival of Lights. It will be a huge party, even more than the The Fair 2019, Holiday Party 2019 or Puffle Party 2020 and how it will offer us a lot, apart from the above, they propose it for that reason, because if not, it would end up being a Fashion Party 2.0 (Seems like a big party, b…

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Felix Steiner Felix Steiner 16 May



This is an apologoy to the Club PEnguin Wrieten Rewritten Wiki

I am apologies for my behavior today


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Felix Steiner Felix Steiner 15 May


Great to be here

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PerapinCP PerapinCP 9 May

A piece of paper!

Anybody want some paper?

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BashfulWolfo BashfulWolfo 7 May

Grey Mullet

So I just caught a Grey Mullet when Ice Fishing. I thought I was seeing things and had to look it up. I like that they added this in, it makes Ice Fishing even more fun not gonna lie.

I added the stamp I got from it onto my stamp book cover. I hope I can catch another one soon ^^

Has anyone else caught a Grey Mullet? If so, did you even know one existed before catching it?

(Added pics for reference ^^)

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Vine2 Vine2 6 May

Temporary Leave

Hi guys! At first, I didn't want to create this blog as I wanted to chat with you all. However, since the end of the year is coming, I will have to make this post.

After the supposed Music Jam 2020, I will be leaving the Club Penguin Rewritten community. Don't worry guys, this will only last for 6 months. By leaving, I don't mean completely leaving. I will still be on discord and playing CPR, but the amount of time I will spend on both of them will be very little. As for editing the wiki, I will completely stop editing the wiki when Music Jam 2020 ends.

The reason I decided to announce my leave is because I will have to focus more time on my studies. I am part of the graduating batch of students, and I will have to sit for national examinati…

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Kurt19972019 Kurt19972019 5 May


Hello Everyone,

My user on Club Penguin Rewritten is Kurt_ ! How is everyone? I'm glad to be apart of this wonderful community since early 2017! I met alot of nice players! The staff are excellent and are hard working to have the community we play on. I hope you are all having a wonderful day!! 

- Kurt

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PenguinQueen274 PenguinQueen274 1 May

Medieval fan art costume chat

Anyone in enjoying for an medieval costume fan art?

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Better Igloos May'20 (My idea)

I see some items are not possible to come back this year (Possibly because they came back about three times in consecutive years) but well, take it as a beta version of this

  • 1 Page 1
  • 2 Page 2
  • 3 Page 3
  • 4 Trivia

  • Green Screen
  • Dance Floor
  • Busking Case
  • Guitar Stand
  • Sound Station
  • Dynamic Drums
  • Piano (As a secret item)
  • Piano Bench (As a secret item)
  • Guitar Amp (As a secret item)

  • Video Camera
  • Microphone
  • Drum Kit
  • Dance Mat
  • CD Rack
  • Party Platter
  • Disco Ball (As a secret item)
  • Wall Speaker (As a secret item)
  • Single Flare (As a secret item)

  • Laser Lights
  • Confetti Blaster
  • Show Lights
  • Musical Motif
  • Electric Encore
  • Radiant Rocker
  • Flashing Flare (As a secret item)
  • DJ Table (As a secret item)
  • Speaker (As a secret item)
  • HD TV (As a secret item)

  • Most likely, the May party will be the Music Jam. In June will …

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Leptospirose Leptospirose 24 April

Some fancy outfits with colorful suits

Just kinda felt like it.

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Jesus Valdes Aran Jesus Valdes Aran 24 April

My CPR's custom stuff

I will update this over time

  • 1 Items
    • 1.1 Custom
  • 2 Unnecessary Trivia
  • 3 Credits
  • 4 Requests

  • The "Dinosaur Toy" is not 100% from Club Penguin Rewritten. It's a discarded concept of the original game, where it with the Puffle Bean Bag and the Globe of Pedestal are voting to see which of the three could appear in the catalog and finally, the Puffle Bean Bag winned and the dinosaur ended losing with the Globe and that furniture are never released to the game. It was originally called "Dinosaur Statue". Here an image so that you understand it without so much verbiage.
  • When May or the quarantine ends, I will end this blog.

  • I give credits to this page. I don't know who the author is, but I give credit for being able to use his image to give that Red Snorkel a m…

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Leptospirose Leptospirose 17 April


  • frog
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Jesus Valdes Aran Jesus Valdes Aran 16 April

Earth Day Party Catalog (Fanmade)

I know Earth Day Party will start tomorrow, the Thursday. But that doesn't stop me from doing this blog. If it happens in a different way, please ignore this later, we can consider this as its beta version.

  • 1 Page 1
  • 2 Page 2 (Available from April, 18)
  • 3 Trivia
  • 4 Fun Facts
  • 5 Gallery

  • African Painted Dog Costume
  • Snow Leopard Costume
  • Lion Costume
  • Rock-hopper Costume
  • Blue Crab
  • Zebra Costume (New and custom item)
  • Unicorn Hooves
  • Green Parrot (As a secret item)

  • Elephant Costume (New item)
  • Lobster Costume
  • Dark Cocoa Bunny Costume
  • Dark Cocoa Bunny Ears
  • Fish Costume
  • Yellow Flippers
  • Jaguar Costume (New and custom item)
  • Green Recycle Shirt
  • Toy Giraffe (As a secret item)
  • Zebra (As a secret item)

  • This catalog would replace the Endangered Animals Catalog from the last two Earth Day Parties.…

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Jesus Valdes Aran Jesus Valdes Aran 10 April

My backyard igloo

I hope you like ;)

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Leptospirose Leptospirose 6 April

The recurrence of Penguins at Work items

Hi. Decided to make a table showcasing the most frequent Penguins at Work items. Because I'm just that bored.


Last updated: June 10, 2020

Outfit (w/ items)
Total available time
Rescue Squad
(Snowboard Helmet, Ski Patrol Jacket)
August 2018
~ 8 months
(242 days)
- CPR's most recurrent Penguins at Work outfit.

- It was simultaneously available in the Penguin Style and Snow and Sports catalog
- It was also available in the Operation: Blackout Catalog, however that doesn't count here.

January 2019
November 2019
(Snow and Sports)
January 2020
(Lifeguard Shirt)
July 2017
~ 7.3 months
(223 days)
- It was temporarily available on September 2017 due to a bug. Since it was only for a day and unintentional, it is not counted he…

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N00bmaster123124 N00bmaster123124 2 April



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Legacy Hunter Legacy Hunter 31 March

'bout me

  • 1 Trivia
  • 2 Penguin life
  • 3 Suggestions
  • 4 Gallery

  • My favorite game is Ice Fishing.
  • My favorite mascot is Rookie.
  • My favorite party is the Halloween Party.
  • Fervent donator for Coins for Change.
  • The first pin I got was the Taco Pin.
  • I take care of 3 puffles : Sammy (), Blinky (), and Wisdy ().
  • I got called Gragrid by Rock23872 because of my fifth outfit which looked like Hagrid's set [1].
  • The 2nd Anniversary Party is the first Anniversary Party I have ever attended in my whole penguin life (Original CP included).
  • I'm 19.
  • I have created 88 pages on this wiki.

  • I own a total of 45 pins.
  • I currently have 245 stamps (3/3 insanity).
  • Aunt Arctic was the first mascot I've ever met in CPR (11.02.2019).
  • 16.01.2019 - I reached an amount of 10 lives, which I have never seen nor…

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Jesus Valdes Aran Jesus Valdes Aran 30 March

Better Igloos Apr'20 (My idea)

  • 1 Page 1
  • 2 Page 2 (Make your zoo I)
  • 3 Page 3 (Make your zoo II)
  • 4 Page 4
  • 5 Trivia

  • Green Plastic Chair
  • Green Bookcase
  • Green Vase
  • Green Couch
  • Green Plush Chair
  • Green Deck Chair
  • Green Bench (As a secret item)
  • Shiny Red Fridge (As a secret item)
  • Basketball Net (As a secret item)

  • Zoo Fence (Is like the Picket Fence or Fair Fence, but with a light gray tone)
  • Toy Giraffe
  • Zebra
  • Hippopotamus (New item)
  • Teddy Panda Bear (New item)
  • Inflatable Whale
  • Pink Flamingo (As a secret item)
  • Food Stand (As a secret item)
  • Weathered Path (As a secret item)

  • Acacia Tree (New item)
  • Jungle Bloom (New item)
  • Jungle Flora (New item)
  • Waves
  • Bamboo Stalks
  • Climbing Wall
  • Waterfall Pond
  • Desert Stones (As a secret item)
  • Bulrushes (As a secret item)
  • Puffle Cave (As a secret item) (New item)

  • Wheelbarrow
  • Picket Fence
  • Garden
  • Evergreen …

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Bobbynibblestix Bobbynibblestix 27 March

Bobby's Viking Helm

Bobby's Personal Purple Viking Helmet is a bait Item in Club Penguin Rewritten. It costed 9999 coins in The F.I.S.H.

  • 1 History
  • 2 Trivia
  • 3 Gallery
  • 4 SWF

Available from
Available until
The F.I.S.H.
January 30, 2020
January 30, 2020
  • Similar items are the Blue Viking Helmet, Diamond Viking Helmet, Gold Viking Helmet, Green Viking Helmet, Purple Viking Helmet, and the Viking Helmet.
  • It is a bait item, so only Bobby gets to have it.
  • It was only available for the few seconds it took him to buy it.
  • It is the rarest item in Club Penguin Rewritten.
  • The only difference in-game from the Purple Viking Helmet is a few differently colored pixels.
  • It has a custom id of 2782.

  • Purple Viking Helmet (icon)
  • Purple Viking Helmet (sprites)

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Jesus Valdes Aran Jesus Valdes Aran 24 March

I want these articles to be in the April catalog this year

That is just my opinion, later like April 2 ignore this blog

  • 1 Page 1
  • 2 Page 2
  • 3 Page 3 (Animals costumes for the Earth Day)
  • 4 Page 4 (Penguins at Work)

  • Cocoa Bunny Costume
  • Cocoa Bunny Ears
  • Dark Cocoa Bunny Costume (As a secret item)
  • Dark Cocoa Bunny Ears (As a secret item)
  • Green Recycle Shirt (As a secret item)
  • White Cocoa Bunny Costume (As a secret item)
  • White Cocoa Bunny Ears (As a secret item)
  • The Chilled
  • Grey Shirt n' Shorts
  • Flare Hoodie
  • The Tuned In
  • Untied Sneakers

  • The Cotton Candy
  • Technicolor Fairy Dress
  • The Trend (As a secret item)
  • City Top and Jacket (As a secret item)
  • Green Cotton Scarf (As a secret item)
  • Gray Boots (As a secret item)
  • Brown Cowboy Hat
  • Cowboy Outfit
  • Cowboy Boots (As a secret item)
  • Astro Barrier
  • Astro Suit
  • Astro Boots
  • Brown Puffle Hat (As a secret item)

  • Roost…

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CloudySky34 CloudySky34 23 March

How to get SWF for the Rewritten Archives Wiki!

Hey friends, today i have a blog post to teach you that how can you get SWF files from Club Penguin Rewritten to help out the CPR Archives Wiki! Getting the SWF from the game is very easier. So here are the steps :-

  • 1. Go the the and login into your account
  • 2. Right click with your mouse somewhere on the site but not on the game. Now many useful options will appear, choose Inspect Element.
  • 3. Now click on "Network"
  • 4. Now go into a server in the game. Go to the place of which you want to get the SWF in the game. In the "Network" tab, the SWF will appear.
  • 5. Write click on it, Copy the URL, Open a new tab, Paste the URL and go there
  • 6. Now save the SWF by pressing Ctrl+S
  • 7. You have got the SWF!

Now you can get the S…

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SidiousFDN SidiousFDN 20 March

April Fools Party 2020 Wordmark Contest

Hey Penguins of Club Penguin Rewritten Wiki,

The April Fools Party is due to start next Thursday (March 26), and we're looking for a new themed wordmark to use for the duration of the party.

Entries are voted on within the CPR Wiki Discord. The rules are below, and if you need any ideas for what to submit, you can look at previous winners below too. Entries should be submitted before the party begins as entries sent after won't be accepted.

Good luck!

  • The wordmark must be 250 x 65 pixels or less, no larger. 
  • No bad or inappropriate content (Stick to the Club Penguin Rules!)
  • Must include the CPR Wiki logo, which will be provided in the gallery below. (or you can make your own)
  • Must be relevant to April Fools (funny, jokes, goofy, Rookie etc.)
  • Do no…

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Seth4564TI Seth4564TI 20 March

The Fashion Party Review

Lots of people were excited for this event. Why do I call it an "event" instead of a party? Because that's what it should classify as. This would of been better as an event. There's only 6 total rooms decorated! 6!!! What's fun about a party with only 6 rooms decorated!? Here's the pros and cons of this event.

  • 1 The Pros
    • 1.1 Visually Appealing
    • 1.2 Dot Is Back
  • 2 The Cons
    • 2.1 Very Few Decorated Rooms
    • 2.2 Boring Theme
    • 2.3 It Replaces The ST. Patrick's Party
    • 2.4 PLENTY of Visual Glitches That Don't Really Matter TBH
  • 3 The Conclusion

Now, you may be wondering, what do I mean by visually appearing? Well, it's nice to catch a break from bright white on CPR all the time. Rooms like Serene Springs, the Iceberg, and the Ice Rink are nice to look at visually, since it's …

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Pokemonfan45CPR Pokemonfan45CPR 6 March

A Puffle Welcome To Me

Dearest Readers, I am PokemonFan45 (Poke) I am an writer and i will make this blog lovely for all!


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