Better Igloos May'17 was an edition of the Better Igloos catalog. It was released on May 3, 2017 and expired on June 7, 2017.


Floor Furniture

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Celtic Rug Celtic Rug 550 Coin ico Yes

Room Furniture

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Royal Throne Royal Throne 750 Coin ico No
Harp Harp 840 Coin ico Yes
Brazier Brazier 350 Coin ico No
Candle Candle 120 Coin ico Yes
Armor Rack Armor Rack 500 Coin ico
Chess Castle Chess Castle 150 Coin ico No
Chess Knight Chess Knight
Princess Armoire Princess Armoire 700 Coin ico
Ice Sculpture Knight Ice Sculpture Knight 900 Coin ico Yes
Princess Vanity Princess Vanity 600 Coin ico No
Princess Throne Princess Throne 500 Coin ico
Log Bench Log Bench
Log Chair Log Chair 200 Coin ico
LogDrawers Icon Log Drawers 250 Coin ico

Wall Furniture

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Ornate Mirror Ornate Mirror 680 Coin ico Yes
Medieval Banner Medieval Banner 105 Coin ico No
Wall Torch Wall Torch 85 Coin ico
Wallsconce Wall Sconce 140 Coin ico
Archer's Window Archer's Window 630 Coin ico
Orange Banner Orange Banner 200 Coin ico
Green Banner Green Banner
Purple Banner Purple Banner
Pop Art Painting Pop Art Painting 450 Coin ico
Sunset Painting Sunset Painting 1500 Coin ico
Starry Night Painting Starry Night Painting 520 Coin ico
HD TV HD TV 1000 Coin ico Yes


  • There is a bug in a hidden item displayed as a a tree stump, but titled Ornate Mirror.
  • The cover has an error, where it should say May–June, but it says April–May.
  • The HD TV wasn't hidden until May 20, 2017.


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