Better Igloos Mar'17 was an edition of the Better Igloos catalog. It was released on February 26, 2017 and expired on March 29, 2017.


Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Electric Stove Electric Stove 650 Coin ico No
Large Cactus Large Cactus 400 Coin ico Yes
Fridge Fridge 700 Coin ico No
Dinner Table Dinner Table 700 Coin ico No
Small Cactus Small Cactus 200 Coin ico Yes
Kitchen Sink Kitchen Sink 380 Coin ico No
Small House Plant
Small House Plant 200 Coin ico Yes
Pantry 410 Coin ico No
Dinner Chair
Dinner Chair 150 Coin ico No
Large House Plant
Large House Plant 200 Coin ico Yes
Green Bookcase
Green Bookcase 750 Coin ico No
Green Plush Couch
Green Couch 500 Coin ico Yes
Green Plush Chair Green Plush Chair 300 Coin ico No
Green Vase Green Vase 350 Coin ico No
Green Deck Chair Green Deck Chair 400 Coin ico Yes


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