Better Igloos Jul'19 was an edition of the Better Igloos catalog. It was released on July 11, 2019 and expired on August 15, 2019.


Floor Furniture

Icon Item Cost
Celtic Rug
Celtic Rug 550 Coin ico

Room Furniture

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Maiden Shrubbery
Maiden Shrubbery 550 Coin ico No
Bird Bath
Bird Bath 480 Coin ico Yes
Knightly Shrubbery
Knightly Shrubbery 550 Coin ico No
Fluffy Shrubbery
Fluffy Shrubbery 500 Coin ico
Tall Mushrooms
Tall Mushrooms 250 Coin ico
Short Mushrooms
Short Mushrooms
Tallest Tree Tallest Tree 300 Coin ico Yes
Crystals 550 Coin ico No
Snowy Tree
Snowy Tree 280 Coin ico Yes
Boiling Cauldron
Boiling Cauldron 500 Coin ico No
Wizard Gnome
Wizard Gnome 350 Coin ico
Ice Sculpture Knight Ice Sculpture Knight 900 Coin ico Yes
Elegant Plants
Elegant Plants 350 Coin ico No
Bridge of Destiny
Bridge of Destiny 500 Coin ico
Brazier 350 Coin ico
Armor Rack
Armor Rack 500 Coin ico
Royal Throne
Royal Throne (ID 343) 750 Coin ico
Royal Throne ID (849)
Royal Throne (ID 849)
Regal Chair
Regal Chair 500 Coin ico Yes
Rosewood Dinner Table
Rosewood Dinner Table 700 Coin ico
Rosewood Chair
Rosewood Chair 150 Coin ico

Wall Furniture

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Ornate Mirror
Ornate Mirror 680 Coin ico Yes
Blue Pastel Banner
Blue Pastel Banner 200 Coin ico No
Pink Pastel Banner
Pink Pastel Banner
Vines Yes
Purple Pastel Banner
Purple Pastel Banner No
HD TV 1000 Coin ico Yes
Wallsconce Wall Sconce 140 Coin ico No
Archer's Window Archer's Window 630 Coin ico



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