Better Igloos Jul'17 was an edition of the Better Igloos catalog. It was released on July 5, 2017 and expired on August 9, 2017.


Floor Furniture

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Surf Beach Towel
Surf Beach Towel 250 Coin ico Yes

Room Furniture

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Mermaid Vanity
Mermaid Vanity 735 Coin ico No
Clam 305 Coin ico Yes
Pink Plastic Castle
Pink Plastic Castle 800 Coin ico Yes
Shell Chair
Shell Chair 550 Coin ico No
Inflatable Sofa
Inflatable Sofa 400 Coin ico No
Inflatable Chair
Inflatable Chair 275 Coin ico No
Sea Weed
Sea Weed 265 Coin ico No
Inflatable Whale
Inflatable Whale 190 Coin ico Yes
Bamboo Couch
Bamboo Couch 500 Coin ico No
Cooler 360 Coin ico Yes
Bamboo Chair
Bamboo Chair 200 Coin ico No
Bamboo Table
Bamboo Table 250 Coin ico No
Barbecue Barbecue 450 Coin ico Yes
Folding chair
Folding Chair 180 Coin ico No
Beach Umbrella
Beach Umbrella 130 Coin ico No
Inflatable Dragon
Inflatable Dragon 190 Coin ico Yes
Bamboo Torch
Bamboo Torch 200 Coin ico No
Beach Ball
Beach Ball 110 Coin ico Yes
Wooden Crate
Wooden Crate 50 Coin ico No
Wooden Barrel
Barrel 320 Coin ico No
Palm Tree
Palm Tree 450 Coin ico No
Waterfall Pond
Waterfall Pond 500 Coin ico Yes
Red Lava Lamp
Red Lava Lamp 450 Coin ico Yes
Evergreen Plant
Evergreen Plant 420 Coin ico Yes
Potted Palm
Potted Palm 280 Coin ico No

Wall Furniture

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Mermaid Clock
Mermaid Clock 350 Coin ico No
Mullet Fish
Mullet Fish 600 Coin ico No
Double Wall Light
Double Wall Light 150 Coin ico No
Single Wall Light
Single Wall Light 80 Coin ico No
HD TV 1000 Coin ico Yes


  • When you try to buy the Wood Crate, it instead redirects and says you are buying the Bamboo Chair. This means the item is unavailable to buy. This glitch is now fixed.
  • The pop-ups for the Clam and Pink Plastic Castle don't show the image of the item, instead showing nothing. This glitch is now fixed.
  • When you try to buy the Double Wall Light, it says that it is called undefined. When you click on buy, it loads endlessly without stopping. This glitch is now fixed.


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