Better Igloos Aug'17 was an edition of the Better Igloos catalog. It was released on August 9, 2017 and expired on September 8, 2017.


Floor Furniture

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Green Rug.png Green Rug 500 Coin ico.png Yes
Map Area Rug.png Map Area Rug 450 Coin ico.png No

Room Furniture

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
Spiral Coffee Tree.png Spiral Coffee Tree 400 Coin ico.png Yes
Pizza Oven.png Pizza Oven 850 Coin ico.png No
Java Bag.PNG Java Bag 120 Coin ico.png Yes
Coffee table.PNG Coffee Table 250 Coin ico.png No
Corner booth seat.PNG Corner Booth Seat 700 Coin ico.png
Straight Booth Seat.PNG Straight Booth Seat 400 Coin ico.png
Coffee Maker.png Coffee Maker 360 Coin ico.png Yes
Coffee Couch.png Coffee Couch 500 Coin ico.png No
Curved Desk.png Curved Desk 500 Coin ico.png Yes
Grandfather Clock.PNG Grandfather Clock 600 Coin ico.png No
Modern Art.PNG Modern Art 550 Coin ico.png
Book Room Arm Chair.PNG Book Room Arm Chair 560 Coin ico.png
Blue Bookshelf.png Blue Bookshelf 450 Coin ico.png Yes
Book Room Lamp.PNG Book Room Lamp 250 Coin ico.png No
Book Room Couch.PNG Book Room Couch 600 Coin ico.png
Tallest Tree.PNG Tallest Trees 300 Coin ico.png Yes
Snowy Tree.PNG Snowy Tree 280 Coin ico.png
Small Rock.PNG Small Rock 120 Coin ico.png
Large Aquarium.png Large Aquarium 450 Coin ico.png No

Wall Furniture

Icon Item Cost Hidden?
HD TV.png HD TV 1000 Coin ico.png Yes
Wall Clock.png Wall Clock 450 Coin ico.png No
Astro Barrier Poster.png Astro Barrier Poster 75 Coin ico.png
Thin Ice Poster.png Thin Ice Poster
Window.png Window 600 Coin ico.png


  • On the 13th and 14th page of the catalog, if you try to buy any of the visible items on that page it will instead redirects and says that you are buying the Orange Inflatable Chair.


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