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The Beach is a coastal area in the southwest corner of the island. As it is bordered by the sea, it is a popular place to relax. Located here is the Lighthouse, which not only served as a hangout, but helped guide ships, including the Migrator, owned by Captain Rockhopper, who frequently docks here.

Like any other beach, there is not much decoration. Near the Lighthouse, there is a pile of various objects, including crates, fishing nets, and one of many buoys. There is also a small dock for ships to land. In the center of the Beach, there are beach chairs and a small bucket that can be used to make a snow castle.


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  • If you hover over the small bucket near the deckchairs, it will fill up with snow. After hovering over it a few times, the bucket will tip over and build a sandcastle. Hovering over the snow castle will destroy it, and the process would repeat.


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