The Battle of Doom was a battle fought between the Elite Penguin Force and the Hydra Bot along with Herbert P. Bear and Klutzy. It occurred after the Medieval Party 2017. The event started because Herbert P. Bear found the Medieval Party hydras and he used them to make a robot called the Hydra Bot.


Icon Item Location
EPF Badge Pin edit EPF Badge Pin EPF Rooftop
Blue Hydra Head Blue Hydra Head
Red Hydra Headhd Red Hydra Head
Yellow Hydra Head Yellow Hydra Head


  • After you finished the task, you were rewarded with the EPF Badge Pin and any of the Hydra heads that are furniture items.
    • The colors change each time you defeat him, and you will also receive three EPF medals.
  • This caused the first (technical) decoration of the Everyday Phoning Facility.
  • This was the second time Herbert attacked the Everyday Phoning Facility; the first attack being the Popcorn Explosion




Archive Battle of Doom Archives

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