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Astro Barrier is a Club Penguin Rewritten mini-game that is located in the Arcade, next to Thin Ice and is styled around a classic arcade game.


Press the left and right arrow keys to move your ship. Pressing the space bar will make the ship shoot, but the player has limited bullets, ranging from three to eight.



Image Name Description
Astro5StampIcon Astro5 Finish 5 levels
Astro5MaxStampIcon Astro5 Max Finish 5 levels without missing a shot


Image Name Description
Astro40StampIcon Astro40 Complete levels 1-40
ShipBlastStampIcon Ship Blast Use a Blaster to shoot a ship
1-upBlastStampIcon 1-up Blast Use a Blaster to shoot a 1-up
AstroSecretStampIcon Astro Secret Complete all Secret Levels
Astro10MaxStampIcon Astro10 Max Complete levels 1-10 without missing a shot
Astro20MaxStampIcon Astro20 Max Complete levels 1-20 without missing a shot


Image Name Description
AstroExpertStampIcon Astro Expert Complete the Expert Levels
Astro30MaxStampIcon Astro30 Max Complete levels 1-30 without missing a shot
Astro1-upStampIcon Astro 1-up Collect 8 1-ups


Image Name Description
AstroMasterStampIcon Astro Master Complete 25 levels + Secret and Expert


  • There are Secret Levels and Expert Levels hidden in the game.
  • Shooting Orange Boxes, Targets, and 1 ups while on instruction screens add more points and ultimately more coins to your total.
  • There are 40 normal levels of Astro Barrier.
  • Pressing "1", "2", or "3" before clicking "Start" will start you at a later level. For example, pressing "1" will start you at level 10.
  • Shots are not reset between level transitions, which means if you can manage to shoot on a level transition (either by using a blaster or by making so in a tutorial screen), you can make your shot last through to the next level.
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