Aqua Grabber is a game in Club Penguin Rewritten that was created by Gary the Gadget Guy. It is only accessible through the Iceberg.

In Aqua Grabber, your objective is to collect treasure from the Clam Waters and the Soda Seas; two different levels in the game. Collecting different types of treasure will result in a certain amount of coins.

This game is popular for yielding massive amounts of coins; you can get 4,700 coins in one level of Soda Seas with all the stamps earned.

The Aqua Grabber 3000 was originally created to retrieve parts from the Migrator when it was destroyed by an iceberg.


These are the amounts of coins each treasure in the game will give you.

Treasure Amount of coins earned
Pearl shaped rock 1 Coin ico
Worm 1 Coin ico
Crab's Gold 20 Coin ico ×10 = 200 Coin ico
White pearls 25 Coin ico
Barrel of cream soda 50 Coin ico
Black pearl 50 Coin ico
Fluffy 200 Coin ico
Grand pearl 300 Coin ico
Emerald 500 Coin ico
Amethyst 600 Coin ico
Mullet 1,000 Coin ico


  • Clam Waters: The objective of this level is to collect all the pearls and the "Main Treasure" (the Grand Pearl). The Rare Treasure of the level is a black pearl which is hidden in a random clam that changes every time. Also, an additional goal is to beat the level without losing a submarine.
  • Soda Seas: The objective of the game is to collect all of the cream soda barrels and the "Main Treasure" (the Amethyst). The amethyst is guarded by pufferfish. The rare treasure of the level is the Emerald, which is guarded by the crab. To get this, let the crab take all of the gold, then it will give you the treasure.

Elements of Gameplay


If any thing hits players (except the shells), the following will happen:

  • Air will leak out and be replaced with water.
  • If you are holding something, you will drop it.


  • Clam Waters
  • Soda Seas



Image Name Description
SquidSpotter Squid Spotter Spot the Squid
AquaPuffleStamp Aqua Puffle Take your pink puffle for a deep-sea dive


Image Name Description
SodaSuccess Soda Success Complete Soda Seas levels
Clam Success stamp Clam Success Complete Clam Waters levels
SodaMaster Soda Master Complete Soda Seas without losing a life
ClamMaster Clam Master Complete Clam Waters without losing a life
Get Fluffy stamp Get Fluffy Catch the yellow fish and return it to your net
GetTheWorm Get the Worm Catch a worm and return it to your net
BubbleCatch Bubble Catch Collect a Pink Puffle's bubble
PearlCapture Pearl Capture Collect all the white pearls in the Clam Waters level


Image Name Description
ClamTreasure Clam Treasure Discover secret treasure in Clam Waters levels
SodaTreasure Soda Treasure Discover secret treasure in Soda Seas levels
ClamCompress Clam Compress Complete the Clam Waters in compressed air mode
Soda Compress Stamp Icon 85 Soda Compress Complete the Soda Seas in compressed air mode
ClamPressure Clam Pressure Master the Clam Waters in compressed air mode without losing a life
SodaPressure Soda Pressure Master the Soda Seas in compressed air mode without losing a life
ClamTimer Clam Timer Complete the Clam Waters time trial
Soda Timer Stamp Icon 89 Soda Timer Complete the Soda Seas time trial
Crab'sTreasureStamp Crab's Treasure Capture all the crab's treasure


Image Name Description
MulletCapture Mullet Capture Capture the large red fish and return it to your net.


  • There is a destroyed Aqua Grabber 3000 in the Hidden Lake.
  • Aqua Grabber is arguably one of the best games for lots of coins. Clam Waters gives 300+ coins, and can be done in less than a minute.




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