Activities Stamps are given when a penguin accomplished a certain activity or achievement. There are a total of 36 of them. Here is a list of all the activities stamps:

Name Description Difficulty Image
Stage Crew Stamp Operate the Switchbox 3000 Easy Stage Crew Stamp
Underground Stamp Find the secret entrance to the Underground Easy UndergroundStamp
Snapshot Stamp Use a camera on top of the Ski Hill Easy Snapshot
Go Swimming Stamp Swim in the water with a rubber duck Easy GoSwimming
Clock Target Stamp Hit the Clock Target 10 times in a row Easy ClockTargetStamp
Field Agent Stamp Earn 1 EPF Medal Easy FieldAgent
183 days! Stamp Log in with a penguin 183 days or older Medium 183DaysStamp
Going Places Stamp Waddle around 30 rooms Medium GoingPlaces
Dance Party Stamp Party in the Night Club with 10 penguins Medium DancePartyStamp
Igloo Party Stamp Throw an igloo party for 10 penguins Medium IglooParty
Coffee Server Stamp Serve 5 coffees, using the apron and emote Medium CoffeeServerStamp
Pizza Waiter Stamp Serve 5 pizzas, using the apron and emote Medium PizzaWaiter
Happy Room Stamp Make 10 penguins smile in a room Medium Happy Room Stamp
Special Agent Stamp Earn 5 EPF Medals Medium SpecialAgent
Special Forces Stamp Earn 10 EPF Medals Medium SpecialForces
Game On! Stamp Have 20 Penguins use the joycon emote in the Lounge Medium Game On Stamp
Pizza Lover Stamp Have 20 Penguins use the pizza emote in the Pizza Parlour Medium Pizza Lover Stamp
Serenity Stamp 20 Penguins walking their Grey Puffles in the Serene Springs Medium Serenity Stamp
365 days! Stamp Log in with a penguin 365 days or older Hard 365 days! Stamp
Puffle Owner Stamp Adopt and care for 16 puffles Hard Puffle Owner
Floor Filler Stamp Dance in the Night Club with 25 penguins Hard FloorFillerStamp
Full House Stamp Fill your igloo with 99 furniture items Hard FullHouse
Play It Loud! Stamp Form a full band at the Lighthouse Hard PlayItLoudStamp
Berg Drill! Stamp Get 30 penguins and dance with a jackhammer at the Iceberg Hard BergDrill!Stamp
Fort Battle Stamp Throw snow at the Forts with 5 penguins of the same color Hard FortBattle
Hockey Team Stamp Form a team with 5 penguins in the same jersey Hard HockeyTeamStamp
Elite Protector Stamp Earn 25 EPF Medals Hard EliteProtector
Go Blue! Stamp 30 Light Blue Penguins in the Night Club Hard Go Blue Stamp
Go Green! Stamp 30 Light Green Penguins in the Night Club Hard Go Green Stamp
Go Red! Stamp 30 Red Penguins in the Night Club Hard Go Red Stamp
Go Yellow! Stamp 30 Yellow Penguins in the Night Club Hard Go Yellow Stamp
Soccer Team Stamp Form a team with 5 penguin in the same jersey Extreme SoccerTeam
Party Host Stamp Host an igloo party for 30 penguins Extreme PartyHoststamp
Ninja Meeting Stamp Meet 10 black belts in the Ninja Hideout Extreme NinjaMeeting
Island Guardian Stamp Earn 50 EPF Medals Extreme IslandGuardian
730 Days! Stamp Log in with a penguin 730 days or older Extreme 730 Days Stamp


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