The 2,000 Player Celebration was an event celebrating Club Penguin Rewritten reaching 2,000 registered users on February 19, 2017. Players partied in the Night Club for over an hour until the milestone was finally reached. The 2,000th player was "STUFFington" which is Stu's alternate account.

After reaching 2,000 players, mascots started joining the server randomly. It started with Aunt Arctic, then Cadence, and PH. Everybody requested for Gary, so finally Gary stopped working on his newest invention and partied with everybody. The game got over 100 players playing at one time during this mini-event.

There were similar events when the game reached 3,000 and 4,000 players.


  • It is Club Penguin Rewritten's first official player-made event.
  • During this time it was the first time in Club Penguin Rewritten's history that 3 mascots were online simultaneously.