The 10,000 Players Celebration Event was an event celebrating Club Penguin Rewritten reaching 10,000 registered users.


Icon Item Location
Aunt Arctic's Autograph icon
Aunt Arctic's Autograph Aunt Arctic's Player Card
Band Autograph icon
Band Autograph Petey K's Player Card
Cadence's Autograph icon
Cadence's Autograph Cadence's Player Card
Gary Background Icon
Gary Background Gary's Player Card
Rookie's Giveaway Icon
Rookie's Giveaway Rookie's Player Card
Sensei BG
Sensei's Autograph Sensei's Player Card


The following stamps were also available to collect during this event:

Image Name Location
Cadence Stamp
Cadence Meeting Cadence
Gary stamp
Gary Meeting Gary
Petey K Stamp (old)
Petey K Meeting Petey K
Aunt Arctic Stamp
Aunt Arctic Meeting Aunt Arctic
Rookie stamp
Rookie Meeting Rookie
Sensei Stamp
Sensei Meeting Sensei


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